Why Some Couples Make It & Others Don’t

  This is a preview from our course Rebuilding Trust After Sexual Betrayal. You can take this course and others by signing up for free. Have you ever wondered why some couples can work it out after infidelity and others can’t? The research has shown that there are specific things that successful couples are doing. […]

YouBloom: Moving Beyond Infidelity & Betrayal Trauma

The fourth session of our YouBloom Program is open for enrollment today. YouBloom is an intensive, 12 week program designed for women who want to move beyond infidelity and betrayal trauma. So many women in our community are stuck. They’re fighting, doing everything they can to hold on. To survive each day. They’re exhausted and overwhelmed […]

Free Presentation: Beginning To Respond To Infidelity

“Everything feels chaotic. I can’t think. I can’t focus. What he’s been doing is constantly on my mind.” “I have a hard time imagining I’ll ever be able to trust him again.” “I start thinking about my appearance and then my thoughts snowball until I feel so worthless I can’t function. I just crawl in […]

Your Turn To Grow

On Tuesday, we opened registration for our YouBloom Program, an 84-day group learning experience designed to help people move forward, to build a future beyond infidelity and betrayal trauma.It’s not therapy. It’s also not only an online course.Instead, it’s a community learning experience. You will be surrounded by a community that shares a connection, all […]

Does Infidelity Create PTSD?

Have you or someone close to you experienced infidelity? Infidelity is not going to go away. In this TEDx talk Dr. Kevin Skinner takes a look at the other side of infidelity and poses the question, does infidelity create PTSD? Over 10,000 betrayed spouses and partners from all over the world have completed Dr. Skinner’s […]

A New Way Forward

Transformation is possible. It’s possible to trust again, to set and keep meaningful boundaries, to move beyond the experiences and emotions that are keeping you stuck. It’s possible to be transformed into the kind of person who connects, who sees a life of hope and purpose. And it’s possible to become significantly better at making change […]

The Power to Heal

The new year is here.A new year to make more progress, find more healing and purpose. Progress that can fuel a life that can be full of hope.To reach your goals, you’ll probably need more effective and powerful ways to find yourself, get unstuck, gain confidence and master your emotions.I’m excited that we’ll be offering […]

Improving Emotional & Spiritual Intimacy

Dr. Skinner Answers: My husband and I need some help improving emotional and spiritual intimacy. Do you have any suggestions on how to enhance those areas of our relationship?

Navigating Differences Of Sexual Expectations Between Partners

Dr. Skinner Answers: My husband and I have very different expectations when it comes to sexual intimacy. It’s become such an issue that we’re considering separating. I feel like he doesn’t respect me. He refuses counseling. I long to connect with him but don’t feel safe emotionally. What are the things I should consider as […]