I Just Want To Give Up And Leave. Is This Normal?

Dr. Skinner Answers: My husband is working to recover from an addiction to pornography. He seems to be progressing but I feel like I’m failing in my own healing and recovery though. I struggle with my sensitivity to my husband’s emotional distance and continued disrespect. To the point where I just want to leave the […]

We Have Each Other

Wherever you are in the world, you could celebrate Thanksgiving today. A time to┬ácelebrate each other. Because in the end that’s all we have. And that’s enough. That’s all we’ve ever had. So lets take a moment to thank the people in our lives who give us love and support. Take the time to really […]

Obsessive Porn Use, Relapses, How To Respond

Dr. Skinner Answers: My husband struggles with obsessive pornography use. He’s working towards recovery. What do I do when he has a “relapse?” How do I respond to effectively communicate my feelings?  

How Do I Manage My Anger & Rage?

Dr. Skinner Answers: I’m working to reconcile with my husband who is recovering from an addiction to pornography. I find that I’m continually overcome by anger and rage. How do I manage these feelings?  

The Power of Community Learning

It’s easy to imagine that some things have to be the way they’ve always been. That cars have to be fueled by gas. That phones are just a way to make a call. And that healing and recovery is solely the result of one-on-one therapy sessions done a few times a month. With the internet […]

I’m frantic. What can I do to calm my mind?

Dr. Skinner Answers: Over the last few months my relationship has totally fallen apart. I am frantic. What can I do to calm my mind? I feel like I’m losing my mind. I struggle to get simple tasks done. Why am I having such a hard time getting through this?  

Cows & Buffalo

When faced with the storms of life take courage… be a buffalo ?  

The Other Side of Infidelity

By Dr. Kevin Skinner, Therapist, Author, Co-Founder of Bloom   “I almost feel paralyzed. Like I can’t stop thinking about my marriage and questioning if any of it has been real. Did he ever really love me or have I just been lying to myself? Have I ever been good enough for him?” I sat […]