My husband is asking me to love him unconditionally

Dr. Skinner Answers: My husband and I are working to repair our relationship following his infidelity and compulsive sexual behavior. What is a good way to respond to his statement that I do not love him unconditionally? I am trying to love him, but I want him to get help and he refuses to get […]

How to approach intimacy after infidelity?

Dr. Skinner answers: How do you approach intimacy after betrayal from infidelity and/or compulsive pornography use?           Bloom offers online programs, expert help, and an empathetic community to help women heal, strengthen, and grow past the trauma of infidelity and betrayal.  

What’s The Timeline For Recovering From The Trauma of Infidelity?

Discovering your partner’s infidelity can be completely traumatic. In fact, about 70% of women who discover their partner’s betrayal will experience trauma symptoms that parallel Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Experiencing extreme anxiety, depression, insomnia, and eating disorders. Frequently we’re asked about the timeline for recovering from the trauma of sexual betrayal. Dr. Kevin Skinner […]

The Art of Belonging: Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

In this episode we delve a little deeper into the patterns that keep us stuck. Dr. Finlayson-fife talks about how to cross the bridge of owning our sexuality in the face of betrayal and defining what kind of sex we want. We’ll discuss the confusing extremes we sometimes feel of wanting to ban sex and/or wanting to have all kinds of sex. And, we’ll see that caring for our sexuality is the same process whether or not we have a partner.

How Can I Follow My Intuition?

“Follow your intuition.” It sounds empowering and liberating. But how does that actually work? What if you’re not sure what your intuition sounds like? And can your intuition be broken? Often times some of our most doubting, fearful, and negative thoughts seem to come from the inside. How do those negative thoughts relate to intuition? […]

Boundaries That Will Set You Free

“You need to set healthy boundaries.”  Seems like we hear it from every self-help guru, therapist, and life coach. They tell us that boundaries will give us more freedom and improve our relationship with others.  The question is, what exactly is a boundary? And how does one enforce a boundary without feeling selfish or creating […]

Deeper Self-Care

This episode is perfect for you if you’re looking for a deeper more purposeful version of self-care. The kind of self-care we’ll explore is less about bubble baths and working out and more about what we need in order to feel the way we want to feel. Giving self-care a rooted purpose creates more powerful […]

Lifting Hands International: Hayley Smith

This story is about compassion tied to action. It’s about a nation displaced. It’s about the power of language to build and heal. It’s about humanity and it’s about home. Listen, as we follow the evolution of Hayley Smith, founder and director of Lifting Hands International. Over the last year, Hayley decided she could no […]