“Follow your intuition.” It sounds empowering and liberating. But how does that actually work? What if you’re not sure what your intuition sounds like? And can your intuition be broken? Often times some of our most doubting, fearful, and negative thoughts seem to come from the inside. How do those negative thoughts relate to intuition?

We recently chatted with Brett Williams from the BLOOM clinical team. We asked him about intuition, how we recognize it, and if it can be broken.

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Listening To Your Intuition


How Does Intuition Work?

This is a really good question. One that I think a lot of people have. First let’s understand the factors that we consider when making decisions in life.  

First is our thoughts. These are generally formed by our knowledge, experiences, background, and even relationships.

Second is our feelings. We feel it. Love, hurt, sorrow, fear, anger, all of that is felt. These feelings influence our decisions.

Our thoughts and feelings can put us on a slippery slope. They’re difficult to get good clear information from because they can be deceived. Your thoughts can be deceived, your emotions can be deceived. But your intuition is neither of those things.

Your intuition is more of a feeling of peace, a feeling of clarity. And it doesn’t have any drama from the emotions or the negativity from the voices and thoughts you’re potentially hearing. Intuition will bring a feeling of peace, calm, or clarity about the decisions we should be making, not avoiding.


Can Intuition Be Broken?

Let’s imagine this. You’re at home and your daughter comes running up to you and she’s anxious because she’s afraid she’s going to miss dance practice and you as a mom say, “why are you worried you’re going to miss dance practice?”

Your daughter says, “Well, I just looked at the clock and the clock says it’s 3:25pm. We’ve got to go!”

You look at the clock and the oven is on because you’re baking cookies. And the temperature is set at 325°. It’s not the clock that’s telling your daughter it’s 3:25pm. It’s the temperature of the oven.

The oven clock isn’t telling your daughter false information, it’s telling her different information. And this can happen as we try to listen to our intuition. The voices or thoughts in our head can create confusion and doubt. Something that we all struggle with. You can think those negative thoughts or emotions are your intuition because those are factors that influence your decisions. This is your critical self, this is your negative self, that’s telling you, you’re not good enough.

The more we can understand how our intuition communicates with us and what it sounds like, the better we’ll be able to cut through the noise.

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