The fourth session of our YouBloom Program is open for enrollment today. YouBloom is an intensive, 12 week program designed for women who want to move beyond infidelity and betrayal trauma.

So many women in our community are stuck. 

They’re fighting, doing everything they can to hold on. To survive each day. They’re exhausted and overwhelmed by trauma, surrounded by triggers, paralyzed by shame and fear. Searching and often praying for a way forward.

We believe you have so much to give, so much to accomplish. You’re creative, loving, strong, and compassionate. You’re trying to hold it together and do a great job at work, home, and for your family. You’re trying to live your best life, to find hope, confidence, and happiness.

After all you’ve been through, what’s the best way to do that?

What’s the best way to overcome the fear and move beyond the triggers and trauma that are keeping you trapped? What are the most powerful changes you can make to break free and live the life you want?

Answering these questions is the reason we built the YouBloom Program.

Over 1,000 women have participated in the program, and we’re running it just one more time this year.

This program goes beyond our basic subscription services. It’s not only about healing, it’s about your future. About gaining the tools to create a future that can be full of hope and purpose. A future you can be excited about.

YouBloom is a unique way of learning, a hybrid of more than 42 video lectures from our team combined with an ongoing discussion board, plus weekly Q&A sessions. Over the course of the 84 day program, we ask each other more than 50 different questions, questions that will shape your thinking and give you an opening to find a better way to move forward.

It’s tempting to hide in your pain, to stay quiet, to shy away from speaking up about the contribution and changes you want to make. You’ve been so bruised by trauma, by all the noise and fear that comes with it, that sometimes it’s easier to just sit back. But life doesn’t need to be merely endured. Life can be full of hope, purpose, and love. We can show you how to do this, to find your voice, to rediscover your purpose, and to create the life you want.

The new program begins September 17th (see all the details here). There are new videos every week until the middle of December, and you can watch them and respond at your own pace.

You’ve already proven you’re incredibly strong, because you’re here. You’re a fighter. Now, the only question is: are you ready to move forward to start creating your future?

PS look for the purple circle at the bottom of the program page. We have a secret discount there, but it gets a little smaller every day, an advantage for people ready to leap.

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