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Have you ever wondered why some couples can work it out after infidelity and others can’t? The research has shown that there are specific things that successful couples are doing.

Based on the research, as they interviewed couples who were still together after infidelity they found this – That trust is more likely to be rebuilt when couples thoroughly discuss the whole situation and honestly answer all of the question. In fact, 86% of couples who discussed the situation a lot and answered all of the questions were still married (and living together).

Why is this? Because trust comes when you can see who someone is and what you’re really dealing with. Only when we’re truly seen, authentic, real, can we heal.

Couples who give themselves the best shot to make it 1). Discuss thoroughly what has occurred (a disclosure). 2). Openly and honestly answer all the questions.

Healing from infidelity takes time and effort. It’s not easy. The video above outlines a number of steps that successful couples are taking.

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