The lives of most people are histories of their search for intimate, meaningful relationships. Yet, 75% of couples report that they’re unhappy in their relationships. Why do so many struggle to find the intimacy they want?

For this purpose, Dr. Kevin Skinner has created this Creating Relationship Intimacy class. Based off of 20 years of intimacy research, Dr. Skinner has developed a step-by-step approach to help couples find and create the type of intimacy they long for.

During this class you will learn:

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  1. My barrier is my sec drive, it gives me urges that makes me overlook my own feelings Within me and this has prevented me from being understanding to my wife’s feelings. I have been selfish and not stepped back to see other ways to be intament Witt my partner.

    My own thought
    My own emotions
    My assumptions of how my wife sees me
    Self control

    Talk about my feelings deep down with my wife to connect at a deeper level

    Find ways to be intimate together without sex

    When I feel an urge for sex to think about her and if it’s best at that time for her and not just be selifish

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