Everyone’s addiction is different. Our Path Guided coaches help you build your recovery capital to help you succeed.

Join 10,000+ Path members and we will guide you to understand why you feel the way that you feel, what you can do as you move forward with your life, and how to cope in the days ahead.

Dr. Skinner explains recovery capital and why it's important.

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Knowing how to move forward can be overwhelming. While all the below features are available to you, your coach will work with you to identify what’s best for you in each phase of your healing journey.

  • Access to our new and updated in-app coaching experience found at Noble, which includes daily video content and check-ins, journaling prompts, assessments, messaging, and more.
  • Access to our new Controlling Unwanted Sexual Behavior course.
  • 60-minute weekly calls with fellow Path members and a certified coach.
  • 24/5 access (Monday through Friday) to your coach and 24/7 access to your fellow group members via our in-app messaging feature.
  • Access to additional content upon completion of our basic coaching layout.
  • Ability to participate in Growth Sessions, when they are offered, for deeper dives into specific topics.

Our Eight Module Evidence-Based Coaching Structure

Your Story

You have a story. A life of experiences that has shaped you and your relationship. Understanding your story will help you heal.

Self Care

Taking care of yourself is an extremely important piece of healing. Learn how to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Understanding Addiction

If you're going to recover from addiction you will need to understand what it is. Learn how addiction works and why it manifests itself.

Trauma & Addiction

Trauma can be a key driver of addiction. Trauma can also be present in your relationship if you've betrayed a spouse or partner. As you learn how trauma works and impacts thoughts and emotions, you can implement a plan to move past it.


Rebuilding trust once it's been broken is extremely difficult. Trust can be restored and we'll show you how to do that with boundaries and safety.


It's difficult to fully heal until you understand the whole story. The disclosure process is a delicate and important thing. Learn how to carry this out in a way that will fuel healing and recovery.


Many people have never learned how to set and enforce the right boundaries. It's about your safety and growth.


A complicated step in the healing process. Learn what forgiveness really means and how to go about the process in the correct way.

Therapist-Developed RoadMaps to Keep you Organized

  • Our therapist developed addiction recovery content RoadMaps are laid out in an easy-to-follow plan
  • We make it easy to identify what you need to do on a daily basis to keep moving forward
  • Visual your improvement through self-assessments
  • Find safety and peace of mind with an organized recovery experience




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